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Same Day CEREC Crowns

CEREC can be used to manufacture dental crownsveneersinlays, onlays, and now even dental bridges. All CEREC restorations are made from biocompatible ceramic and zirconia materials, and are metal free.

The CEREC system uses a digital camera for obtaining an optical impression of the tooth that is being treated, 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to design an ideal dental restoration, and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology to mill a precise dental restoration according to the CAD software specifications. The restoration can be fabricated and delivered in a single appointment.

How a CEREC Crown is Made?

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1. The Scan

The first step is to take precise 3D scan using the CEREC intraoral scanner, instead of conventional impressions with a tray.

2. Designing the Restoration

After analyzing the complete scan the chairside software is used to design your CEREC dental crown

CEREC Screenshot 2.JPG

3. Milling

The CEREC milling machine fabricates the dental crown in as little as 20 minutes

The CEREC crown is sintered, custom stained and glazed


5. Final Crown

The CEREC crown can be cemented at the same appointment

4. Customization


Which crown is better - the one made in a lab or CEREC crown?

  • The short answer is "They are basically the same" since both types are fabricated using the same materials.

CEREC crown benefits when it comes to the patient experience:

  • Same-day treatment – The entire crown process can be completed in just a single 2-3 hour appointment instead of 2-3 weeks saving you time.

  • No need for impressions with dental trays – impression material can make some people gag, and it can be very uncomfortable. CEREC uses a handheld 3D scanner, rather than physical impressions.

  • There’s no temporary crown— no need to wear a temporary crown, which provides you with more comfort and convenience.

  • There’s no gray line near the gums — PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns may leave a gray line around the bottom of the tooth due to the presence of metal

Is a CEREC crown weaker than a PFM crown?

  • Even though PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns contain metal, they have a similar strength or are weaker than CEREC crowns. Metal itself is very strong, but the porcelain layered over the metal has a weak bonding to the metal which causes porcelain fractures of PFM crowns.

  • CEREC crowns are metal free and monolithic without weak links which makes them strong restorations

  • There are couple different materials that are used for CEREC crowns fabrication. They have different properties and indications and should be individually selected by your dentist for particular clinical case

Comparison of the most common types of crowns and their strength:

- PFM crown - 100 - 400 MPa 

- CEREC Feldspar Ceramic - 154 MPa

- CEREC  Leucite Glass-Ceramics - 185 MPa

- CEREC Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate - 370 MPa

- CEREC Lithium Disilicate Glass-Ceramics - 530 MPa

- CEREC Multi-Layered Zirconia - 850 MPa

- CEREC Zirconium Oxide - 1200 MPa

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